Renewable and Emerging Nanomaterial (REN) Laboratory

The REN group works on the forefront of material science, engineering and nanotechnology, including materials-by-design, synthesis and processing, self-assembly, and advanced manufacturing of multifunctional materials with an emphasis on novel magnetic, electronic, optical, thermal and mechanical properties for emerging nanotechnologies. We are committed to realizing our vision by focusing on three main thrusts: (1) Materials design and assembly of strongly correlated electronic crystals for unusual magnetic, electronic and ferroic properties; (2) Lightweight bioinspired materials with thermal management – Superinsulation ceramic aerogels, and Thermally conductive polymers; (3) High-temperature printable materials and manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronics for use in extreme environments; (4) High energy product magnets and metal alloy conversion.
The REN group offers research opportunities for graduate, undergraduate, visiting students and postdoc, who are interested in nanochemistry, materials science, physics, engineering work, or a combination of these. We welcome incoming graduate, undergraduate and prospective students, especially those from underrepresented minority groups, to explore our interdisciplinary research by joining us every Monday group meeting. Our lab is located at UB-North Campus: 715 NSC, Buffalo, NY 14260.
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